Antha Leigh

Antha Leigh wore out her welcome in her homeland of England, giving up her cucumber sandwiches, and migrating to Australia as a teenager with her mother and brother.

While her English friends envisioned her Australian lifestyle complete with kangaroo riding, koala cuddling, crocodile wrestling and sun tanning, she shunned the heat of the Australian sun and much needed vitamin D, instead spending much of her teenage years happily in a dark bedroom, romanticising the landscape, history and mythology of her homeland.   The few occasions she exposed herself to the Australian culture and sun, and didn’t melt immediately, caused her to appreciate her new home, and become a fully functioning Australian.

She now lives on a lush farm on the outskirts of Brisbane, and, as a dedicated fan of travel and exploration, incorporates her experiences, and wild imaginings (usually set to music in her own head) into her writing.

On a daily basis she can be found in one, or possibly all, of the following places;  Permanently attached to her phone; Permanently attached to her computer; Comfortably snuggled in bed;  Hiking a track in some rural and cold location (although hard to combine with bed snuggling);  Searching for dropbears in the Australian wilderness;  Inside her own head, (most usual location).

Her aspirations include but are not limited to; standing upright in high heels, walking a straight line in high heels, being taller than someone in high heels, starting a movement to abolish high heels as an unnatural and cruel form of female slavery. *shakes fist at high heels and puts on DM’s*

Touched is Antha Leigh’s first published novel and is the first in the Touched series (Secrets – 2, Fragments – 3).   A recent review stated;   ‘Antha writes with the heavy hand of experience and adventure, all recited through the childlike imagination of a pure spirit.  Touched is an ethereal dance through the teenaged underbelly and the spellbinding world of the unknown.’ – Monique Barwick (close personal friend AND has possibly read maybe half of the book so totally legit review *shifty eyes*)

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